Anasco island Edit

On this Island can be built/bought shops and houses. This Island has no auto-attacks. For using trading post is required level 25 on trading skill

The locationsEdit

On this island are 6 cities:

  • Thabis
  • Maadi
  • Abydos
  • Khaya
  • Beset
  • Ammon


(port, sail option to Kanzo Island) Sailing between Kanzo and Thabis costs 1000 gold coins. This famous port of old is now open to all Syrnians skillful enough to find the correct path through the reefs. While there is no danger from those who wish to cook the fish, signs point to dangers for anyone wishing to partake in the bountiful sea. The citizens of Thabis are collecting resources for: "Expanding the jail" So far 0/50000 Rocks has been collected

Note 5 (regarding platina mine): this mine is double the OL platina mine timer, gives no gem drops. It does however give random syriet and obsidian ore drops.


  • Thabis
  • Sail
  • Smokehouse
  • Bakery
  • Jail


The wise and powerful mages used to be frequent guests in this town, protecting those honing their trading/construction skills from the evils of the world.

City menu:

  • Maadi
  • University
  • Trading Post
  • Practice Magic


The catacombs give off a dark blueish glow as travellers enter the tunnel. The scrolls at the entrance state other rare ore may be found for those skillful enough to find them.

The citizens of Abydos are collecting resources for: "Building per Ankh" So far 10531/75000 Wood has been collected

City menu:

  • Abydos
  • Mine Platina


The enormous green trees seem to stretch endlessly to the sky. It is rumored fruits are plentiful here and the ancient mythical wood give surprises to those who would work here.

The citizens of Khaya are collecting resources for: "Building the flowershop" So far 9360/75000 Wood has been collected City menu:

  • Khaya
  • Woodcut


Warriors from long ago sought to protect Anasco from horrible, unspeakable evil in this town. They were supported by smiths using an extremely hot forge melting all metals but syriet and obsidian.

City menu:

  • Beset
  • Smith
  • Smelt Obsidian bars
  • Smelt Syriet bars


The legendary forest rumored to be myth contains the highest of all prizes for those skillful enough to woodcut here. While some speak of a woodcutting beast who guards the forest, the paths in the forest appear to be safe to work.

City menu:

  • Ammon
  • Woodcut

Required level 100 on woodcutting skill, and a quest.

Fighting at Beset CatacombsEdit

On the Beset Catacombs are the next creatures:

Those creatures have this possible loot:


1.Clearing the Tomb (start location: Beset)Edit

Upon arriving, you see what appears to be a landslide covering a tomb area.

Mine the stone blocks blocking the entrance

Goal: Mine 500 stone at Beset to clear the tomb (500 left)

2. Hidden ForestEdit

When going to where Ammon appears to be based on signs around the island, you notice the forest appears to be inaccessible due to a worn down bridge which hasn't been used for ages. A sign at the entrance of the bridge states "Only a wise man from the golden era of Anasco Island can help you figure out the way to the the legendary forest of Ammon. Find Bekenkhonsu to aid you on your quest." It is rumoured Bekenknonsu was last see in Beset. Go to see him?

Yes, I do!

Go to Beset and find Bekenknonsu.

Hidden forest Go to Beset and find Bekenknonsu. (1000 left)

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