Combat is split into 4 different skills: Attack, Defence, Strength and Health.
You can train and fight in some locations, you will see the option to fight in the menu of an appropriate location.

Certain locations, like ones on Serpenthelm, have auto-attacks. This means there will be a creature that attacks you when you travel to a location. After the monster dies you can access the location normally.
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Typical combat screen.


Before you run off to fight, it is recommended that you bring the following: a weapon and some armour (Smithing), a good amount of food (Cooking and Farming). If you have a house(Construction), store everything else you have: tools, gold, resources etc.

First FightEdit

Once you are ready to fight, head off to Valera, click on Training Grounds. There will be the options to fight:

Rats (level 1)

Giant Spiders (level 2)

Gnomes (level 4)

Pick rats, you should now be in combat against a rat. Make sure to keep your health up; if you die you will lose everything in your inventory and everything you have equipped, however, you will keep all your gold. After you have killed the rat you will get a message saying "The Rat died. You got 5 *selected skill* experience." If you think you have enough food, press Fight all creatures and continue fighting until you start running low on food, at which point you should stop fighting.