Cooking allows players to produce cooked food or to bake breads. Cooking fish in many cases produces burnt fish. The chance to burn a fish can be reduced by raising your cooking skill. By increasing the difference beetween the required level to cook and your current level of cooking, you raise the chance of successfully cooking something. The minimum burn rate is 1-2%, even for players with a high cooking level.


Cooked food can be obtained by cooking. Cooking process require:

  • A specific Cooking level
  • A cauldron (cauldrons are optional, although they increase cooking speed)

Cooking TableEdit

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Cooking LocationsEdit

Level Town Location Island Fuel required
1 Harith Remer Island 1 wood/fish
1 Burning Beach Serpenthelm Island 1 wood/fish
1 Web Heaven Webber Island 1 wood/fish
1 Toothen Skull Island 1 wood/fish
1 The Outlands none
20 Wingmere Exrollia 1 wood/fish
20 Penteza Elven Island 3 woods/4fish
50 Kroy Kanzo 4 woods/5fish
80 Thabis Anasco 1 coal/fish