Dearn island

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Port Dazar
Nabb Mines
Lemo Woods
Deep Lemo woods


Dearn Island can be accesed by by boat from:

By using a boat acees is free.

General InformationsEdit

Port Dazar - You can fish Tuna and Lobster with a sloop here from level 35 fishing +

Unera - You can Woodcut from level 25 + and get tomato, grain and corn seeds, Also go to University and learn Trading and Construction from level 10 - 25, island jail located here.

Kinam - Here you can Trade with other players at the Trading Post and enter The Battle Mage and do PvP games - you can also smelt bronze, iron and steel bars.

Aunna - No where special, You can buy food and smith any metal except obisian.

Lemo Woods - You can fight level 2 - 6 monsters and Woodcut from level 10 +

Deep Lemo Woods - Danerous fighting area, you can fight level 16ish monsters here

Nabb Mines - Here you can mine Tin and Coal, Not many people come here.

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