Before you start with farming there are some requirements to get started.

First you need a house and even better, a big house. So you don’t fall without slots. Secondly you need a spade which can be bought at Eully of one of the money player shops. Finally you need farmland.


Farmland is very expensive so chose a good location to buy it (house needed at the same location) as you best keep all your farmland in one location and a location you come by reguraly.

Farmland Cost
25 Slots 750 GP
50 Slots 1500 GP
100 Slots 3000 GP
200 Slots 6000 GP
400 Slots 12000 GP
800 Slots 24000 GP Does not exist yet, may not for a very long time or never

As you can see farmland gets more and more expensive each time you upgrade it to more slots. At a certain point it will be cheaper to buy a new one on another location (and another house) so you will have to chose between money and lots of walking.


Before we can begin the farming we’ll be needing some seeds. You may never plant seeds in batches of over 100 but this makes your farmland easier to manage anyway.

Here’s a list of all the seed found in Syrnia:

Seed Level Obtained XP
Radish 1 Isri/Bonewood/Jungle Edge/OL #21/OLs #89 2
Beet 2 Isri/Lemo Woods/Bonewood/Jungle Edge/OLs #21/OL #89 2
Carrot 4 Isri/Bonewood/Jungle Edge/OL #21/OLs #89 3
Cabbage 7 Lemo Woods 4
Onion 11 Lemo Woods 6
Grain 14 Unera/Penteza/Avinin 8
Tomato 17 Unera 10
Corn 20 Unera 14
Strawberry 25 Penteza Forest/Avinin 18
Green Pepper 29 Penteza Forest/Aloria/Avinin 20
Spinach 34 Aloria 24
Eggplant 39 Aloria 28
Cucumber 43 --- 43 - 32
Pumpkin 48 Aloria 48 - 36
Apple 52 Aloria

Exp includes both planting and harvesting.Edit

Once you have planted your seeds you will have to wait for them to grow before you can harvest them, this will take many hours, starts of from 12 hours at least and the time increases per each level of seed (but fact remains it is random). Best to check your Farm on several times a day to prevent spoilage (rotten crops). In the worst event your crops are rotten, you will still get around 50% of the experience when you harvest them (depending on the quantity your have planted, quantities divided by 2 generate 50% of the total experience).


Here’s a list of all the crops:

Crop HP
Radish 1
Beet 1
Carrot 2
Cabbage 3
Onion 4
Grain *
Tomato 5
Corn 6
Strawberry 7
Green Pepper 8
Spinach 9
Eggplant 10
Cucumber 11
Pumpkin 12
Apple 13
  • Grain can be used to make bread which give you 3 hp