Heerchey Island
Syrnia world map
Acces mode boat(500gp even if player owns a boat)
Have autoattacks no
PvP Off
Faction both
Heerchey mining route: Heerchey Docks -> Heerchey Manor -> Ancestral mountains
Heerchey's route to Arch. Cave: Heerchey Docks -> Heerchey Manor -> McGoogins site
Mezno Island: Xanso (0 gp)
Exrollia Port Calviny (0gp)

Accesing this islandEdit

This island can be accesed by sailing following the sailing routes from:

The other method to access the Heerchey Island is to use a Heerchey Docks Teleport Orb.

Short descriptionEdit

This island is owned by the Heerchey Familly. To get acces on the iron mine of the Ancestral mountains or to the Arch. Caves is required to complete the Earning the family respect quest.


Heerchey DocksEdit

This is the access point to this Island.

From here can be fishied Bass with a Boat.

Heerchey ManorEdit

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Ancestral mountainsEdit

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McGoogins siteEdit

From this location, player can "Enter the cave system"

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