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Syrnia world map
Full worldmap
Syrnia world map
Acces mode boat, special acces(what kind of teleportation), only during holidays
Have autoattacks some islands have some not
PvP On/Off
Faction Some teritories are controlled by syrnian army only, some by pirates and some are neutrals
Skills On syrnia islands players could develop various skills
Route 1:
Route 2:

Remer Island

Dearn Island

The Outlands

Dearn Island

Remer Island

Menzo Island


As you saw on the image from the right side, syrnia lands are divided in many islands. Most of them can be accesed by sailing but some of them cand be accesed only by using a teleport orb. In what concerning the acces, there are few islands which allows only syrnians, some which allows only pirates and some of them which are neutral.

The acces to The Outlands is retricted for players with a sum of total skills below 50 or or the combat level below level 5

The acces to Skull Island, Heerchey Island or Kanzo can't be done with your own small fishing boat, Sloop, Boat or Trawler.

Desert arena island and Party Island can be accesed only at a certain time period. The desert arena island can be accesed from a npc, and the party island can be accesed from some port location by boat free of charge

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After you've finished the Tutorial Island this is the place where you'll start your adventure. The possible activities here are:

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The OutlandsEdit

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