On syrnia cand be found different kind of objects from food articles to equipment pieces.

GerulaD's items collection

Items are divided on few types:


Weapons are required very usefull on combat. A weapon can increase the maximum damage and the chance on hit. To wear a weapon require a certain skill on attack


Resources are object which can be obtained from different kind of sources and are used for making other items.

Prefession productsEdit


Equipment parts are usefull on combat, and sometime on travelling. Each equiment piece require a certain skill on defence to wear it.

By typeEdit

By slotsEdit


Tools are required on different professions. Tools also can speed up duration of working.

Holidays itemsEdit

Holidays items are very rare and have a deco purpose only. Those can be obtained only during an event.

Quest itemsEdit

Quest items are required for different tasks.


Other items have no specific usage on game, but and most of them can't be even sold to the Eully Market for gp:

  • Collection items
  • Junks are items from syrnia which are discarded because aren`t usefull. But some players collect them by pleasure or use them on scamming trades. Also junk items can be used for thiefing skills, whill being added on shop.