Remer Island
Remer island
Remer Island map with tooltips
House and Shops Yes

Valera Knight, Slaying the monster, Monster training

Witch Bluebell, Witch Bluebell 2

Friddiks brothers' tasks

Autoattacks No
PvP Off
Faction Syrnia
Skills All skills are low level
North: Sanfew -> Lisim->Valera -> Endarx -> Rile
North-East-port: Sanfew -> Lisim->Valera -> Isri -> Eully -> Harith -> Port Senyn -> Away from this island
North-East-port(shorter): Sanfew -> Lisim->Rynir Mines -> Harith -> Port Senyn -> Away from this island
The Outlands 20 gold(requires CL 10)
Dearn Island 50 gold


Once you have completed the 9 tutorial levels, you will be able to enter Syrnia proper. Doing this will start you off in the town of Sanfew on Remer Island; a fairly small island with a total of 10 different towns where new players can begin honing their skills.

Remer is the beginner's area, where players will rarely be faced with a level requirement that needs to be met before they can work on a certain skill.

Since the average populace tends to have fairly low levels in any skill, it also has no locations with auto-attacking monsters that might otherwise catch an unprepared player off-guard.



If you work on your Thieving skill in one of the other towns on this island, you're bound to end up in Sanfew at some point, since this is where the jail is located. This is also where you will reincarnate if you get killed. If you are low on cash, you can clean the jail cells here for 2 gold.

Rynir MinesEdit

From here can be mined:

Also while mining could be obtained very rare the next gems:


One of Remer Island's two fishing spots. Here, players fishing with a Net can catch Shrimp, while players fishing with a Rod (level 5 or over) can catch Sardine, Herring, Mackerel and Trout.


  • Training Grounds
  • Mule Vendor


This is where new players will spend most of their time if they wish to become Syrnian blacksmiths. In Endarx, you can smelt ores into Bronze and Iron bars, as well as a smith both of those metals. Smelting and smithing with Iron is available to players with a Smithing level of 10 or higher.


Home of the University on Remer Island. Here, players can study Construction and Trading in exchange for gold. The maximum level you can reach by studying either here, is level 10.


Remer's forest, where any woodcutter can chop as much as they please. Chopping here will also provide drops in the form of low-level seeds for those who want to work on Farming.



This is the place to go if you want to turn those raw fish into edible food and up your Cooking level. This town is also where you can find Remer's House of Floral, where you can sell any flowers you may pick up during your travels.

Port SenynEdit

The second fishing spot in Remer. You can fish here if you have a Small Fishing Boat and a Fishing level of 23 or over. Avaliable catches are Cod, Pike and Salmon.

This is also where to go if you wish to leave Remer Island. From Port Senyn, you can sail to Port Dazar on Dearn Island for 20gp, or to The Outlands for 50gp. Sailing either of these routes is free if you own your own boat.

Sailing with a different boat may reduce the travel time:

Travelling nodesEdit

Remer's route 1Edit

Sanfew -> Rynir Mines -> Harith -> Port Senyn -> away from island

Remer's route 2Edit

Sanfew -> Lisim -> Valera -> Isri -> Eully -> Harith -> Port Senyn -> away from island

Remer's route 3Edit

Sanfew -> Lisim -> Valera -> Endarx -> Rile

Things to attackEdit

You can attack monsters only on Valera. This island doesn`t have any auto-attacks.

  • Rats (up to combat level 10)


(List of flowers which can be found on this island while travelling)

Travelling on Remer Island's location without using a horse or mule could lead to finding the following flowers:

  • White Remer (Uncommon)
  • Lady Sunshine
  • Purple Rha
  • Carnation
  • Tulip
  • Four Leaf Clover (Ultra Rare)

See alsoEdit

This island have few places which provide acces to different kind of resources:

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