House and Shops available
Have autoattacks Yes
PvP Off
Faction Syrnia, Pirates
Serpenthelm's route 1: Burning Beach -> Rose Gates -> Castle Rose
Serpenthelm's route 2: Burning Beach -> The Singing River -> Jungle Edge -> Thick Jungle -> Rose Mines
Mezno Island

Serpenthelm Island is an island which have auto-attacks. The access to this island are made through Burning Beach


The Island is divided on 2 parts. On this island is a fort called Rose Castle.



Burning BeachEdit

It's the access point to this Island. Here you can cook or sail to another spot. Also here you can start exploring the island on one of the following routes:

Rose GatesEdit

From the gates of the Castle Rose players can buy Rose gate pass ticket for 500 gp.

Castle RoseEdit

All the Islands quests can be started here

You can also:

  • Smith
  • pray, propose someone or check if someone is propose at the chapel

The Singing RiverEdit

  • This location is a good fishing spot, for starting fishermen on syrnia.

Jungle EdgeEdit

  • Woodcut (level 1)
  • Patrol (CL 7) -recomended minimum 15
  • Find monkeys (speed lvl 1)

Thick JungleEdit

  • Attack the lizards' village, at a minimum combat level 20.

Rose MinesEdit

  • Mine Iron ore
  • Mine coal

Travelling nodesEdit

Things to attackEdit


After you'll arrive on jungle locations and Rose Mines you'll be attacked by one of those:


on Jungles EdgeEdit

on Thick JungleEdit

While attacking the village you'll randomly attack one of:


Jungles Edge: Wood can be cut here

Rose Mines: Iron Ore and Coal can be found here.

Singing River: Frog, Piranaha, Catfish and Giant catfish can be caught here.

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