Silver comes in 3 forms. Silver Ore, Silver Bar, and Silver Items.

Silver oreEdit

Silver Ore can be obtained through mining on Franer Mines located on Mezno Island

Silver barsEdit

Silver Bars through smelting. It requires skill level 40 on smithing.

Silver bars can be smelted only on the Lava Lake on the Ogre Cave system.

Silver itemsEdit

The main source to obtain a silver item is smithing skill level over 40 but some low silver items can be obtained from Berian's monsters.

Silver toolsEdit

Tools are used on various skills. Skills cannot be performed without having a tool. Cauldrons make exception, those being optional for reducing the timer on cooking.

pic. Name Skill lvl req. to craft Skill req. to use Reagents Eully Market Player Sell Price
Silver cauldron Silver cauldron Smithing lvl 40 Cooking lvl 40
Silver pickaxe Silver pickaxe Smithing lvl 40 Mining lvl 40
Silver hatchet Silver hatchet Smithing lvl 40 Woodcutting lvl 40
Silver hammer Silver hammer Smithing lvl 41 Smithing lvl 40

Silver weaponsEdit

Pic. Name Skill level req. to craft Reagents Skill req. to use



Eully Market value Player Sell Price
Silver dagger Silver Dagger Smithing lvl 40 Attack lvl 40
Silver short sword Silver Short Sword Smithing lvl 42 Attack lvl 42
Silver scimitar Silver Scimitar Smithing lvl 43 Attack lvl 43
Silver mace Silver Mace Smithing lvl 44 Attack lvl 44 15/28 18 gp
Silver long sword Silver Long Sword Smithing lvl46 Attack lvl 46
Silver axe Silver Axe Smithing lvl 51 Attack lvl51
Silver two handed sword Silver Two Handed Sword Smithing lvl 53 Attack lvl 53

Silver armorsEdit

Pic. Name Skill req. to craft Reagents

Skill req. to use



Eully Market value Player Sell Price
Silver sabatons Silver Sabatons Smithing lvl 41 Defence lvl 41
Silver medium helm Silver Medium Helm Smithing lvl 42 Defence lvl 42
Silver small shield Silver Small Shield Smithing lvl 43 Defence lvl 43
Silver hands Silver Hands Smithing lvl 45 Defence lvl 45
Silver medium shield Silver Medium Shield Smithing lvl 47 Defence lvl 47
Silver chainmail Silver Chainmail Smithing lvl 48 Defence lvl 48
Silver legs Silver Legs Smithing lvl 49 Defence lvl 49
Silver large helm Silver Large Helm Smithing lvl 50 Defence lvl 50
Silver large shield Silver Large Shield Smithing lvl 52 Defence lvl 52
Silver plate Silver Plate Armour Smithing lvl 54 Defence lvl 54

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