What is speed? Edit

Speed is the skill performed while travelling from different location. Using a mule, horse or traveling by a boat doesn`t provides speed experience points.

Why not travel by horse? Edit

While it is useful to travel by horse because it is faster you'll miss some things and you wont get any Experience. None the less if you need to get somewhere and fast a horse will help you out.

Boots Edit

Wearing boots doesn't reduce the speed experience gained.

Boots make you go faster (less time) while traveling and still gaining speed experience.

There are few kind of boots for traveling purposes:

Monkeys Edit

You can go to Jungles Edge and go on a monkey hunt, you can get 4 different types of money : Ring tail lemer Golden tamerin Spider monkey (used in a Rose Castle quest) Chimp Most of them are collectors items, because they have no use, every time you try to capture a monkey, even if you fail you will recive 10 spped exp.

Horses Edit

There are 4 horses / mules

There is the beginners horse what will die between travel a lot and you may need to buy a mule at Valera for only 100 gold.

The mule is a good cheap start off for a horse instead of a beginners horse, it dies a lot less likely but still can die often.

The Brown Horsebrown horse can be bought for 1,000 GP off players or off a NPC in Dearn island what can be accessed by Port senyn in Remer. Remer is the first island you go to after the tutorial what you will stay on for a while at the beggining

A white horse can be bought for 2k from players or far away in Elven island.

Flowers Edit

Why not traveling by foot it is possible to find some flowers along the road. These flowers can be sold in flower shops. In these shops it's also possible to buy bouquets to be sent to other players. Each bouquet has a different meaning according to the sort of flower it is made of.higher ur lv the more flowers and the more often you get them. Somtimes it is even possible to get gems while walking.

The flowers you can get are in the following list.

White Remer Rose Carnation Tulip Menzolinan Lady Sunshine Purple Rha Silver Widow

How speed level affects travel time Edit

It is quite hard to define for sure how speed level affects your travel time. The closest appoximation is: (Speed level)/2 = percent of speed level reduce. The meaning is,that if you have no boots,horse or -TT(travel time) items,for every 2 speed levels you get,the time travel will reduce by 1%. Example: If it takes 100 seconds to travel somewhere with speed level 20(no boots,horse or -TT items),then in level 22, it will take 99 seconds,or 1% less.

Level on speed skill and -TT enchants affects your travelling. Studies showed that travelling cannot be reduced to a duration of less than 10 seconds.

Travel time reduced by enchants(-tt)Edit

Items can be enchanted with a -travel time which will reduce the time travel but it also reduce the xp gained. Our tests showed that:

  • a -10tt reduce xp gained by 5
  • a -20tt reduce the xp gained by 10

The results of our tests also prove that a -21tt set reduce the xp in most common cases the same as a -20tt set. (Emilian123 09:17, February 12, 2010 (UTC))

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