Tools are the items which helps players performing various skills:

Optional toolsEdit

Optional tools are not actually required in performing skill, but are usefull for time reduction and cost economy on sailing (if sing boats).


Cauldrons are used to speed up the Cooking process. They aren't required for cooking, but due its properties to reduce the timer of cooking are very used.

Those are obtained only from smithing at this moment:

Travel equipmentsEdit

On syrnia different kind of items are used for easing the travelling.


Travel suitEdit



Tools required for perfoming skillsEdit


Hammers are used on Constructing and Smithing.

Hammers on syrnia are those:


Pickaxes are the tools required for Mining skill.

On syrnia are pickaxes could be smithable and lootable.

The smithable pickaxes can be obtained from Smithing (some of them can be looted to) and those are:

The lootable pickaxes are obtained from monsters and those are:


Hatchets are used on Woodcutting skill, and those are smithable and lootable.

The smithable hatchets are:

The lootable hatchets are:

Other toolsEdit

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