(abreviated as tp)


Trading directly with another player can be done only on trading posts. Trading posts are safer, but do not protect against thieving attempts.

How to trade on a trading post?Edit

Before trading make sure that you and the other player had agreed about location and about trading. The trading on a trading post is a process ment to offer confidence to traders, so it aren't done instantly. These are the steps required on trading:

  • Click on trading post from the location menu.
  • Now, you'll see a list with players from trading post. Click on trade(e red word, located on the right of the player name, if they are on trading post).
  • Wait for the player to accept you trade request.
  • After the player accepts put the items, or gold and wait for them to add his part of the deal. You can remove some items if you've added them by mistake.
  • After the other player added the items or the amount of gold traded, click on accept, or if the other player has attempted to scam you click on cancel, to cancel the trade.
  • Click to accept again if you want to trade, or click to change the trade if you feel something is wrong.
  • After you've click on accept wait for the other player to click on accept to.
  • After they accept the trade click on "Click here to continue" to be moved back to Town.(this step is optional, you may go back to town even without clicking on it)

Trading posts locationsEdit