Starting SyrniaEdit

Each player starts syrnia on the Tutorial Island with

Each tutorial location will teach the new player the basic moves to start playing the game.

Tutorial 1Edit


"Tutorial 1: Moving You are able to move to different location in Syrnia, each location has g

ot its own secrets to discover. At the moment you are at the location Tutorial 1 as you can see on the top  of the screen. If you click on the View the worldmap button at the top-right you will see the current island. As you can see it isn't too far until you'll be completing this tutorial."

Tutorial 2Edit


Mining "You mine using a pickaxe, you can only mine if there's an ore available at the current location. There is copper and tin available at this location.

You can move on after mining at least 1 tin and 1 copper (You've' got 0 Tin, 0 Copper); Once you have completed this task click on "Tutorial 2" in the city menu to bring you back to this page. Equip your pickaxe by clicking on it in your inventory. Click Mine Tin ore and mine 1 tin ore. (You might need to refresh your inventory to see your up to date inventory with the ores in it.). Click Mine copper ore and mine 1 copper ore."

Tutorial 3Edit


Smithing "You smith using a hammer and anvil. You can move on after smithing at least 1 item. Click on 'Smelt bronze bar' in the CITY MENU. If you've created a bronze bar; Equip your hammer to prepare to smith. Click on 'Smith' in the CITY MENU Click on 'Smith bronze item' -> 'Smith bronze dagger' Select an item to create and wait until its done, then return to this page."

Tutorial 4Edit


Fishing "You fish using a net, rod or boat, you can start fishing shrimps with your net.

You can move on when you've caught at least 1 shrimp. Equip your net by clicking on it in your inventory at the top left. Click FISH at the city menu."

Tutorial 5Edit


Woodcutting "To cook your shrimps you need to get wood for a fire. You can move on when you've got at least 1 log. Equip your hatchet by clicking on it in your inventory at the top left. Click Woodcut at the city menu."

Tutorial 6Edit


Cooking "To cook your shrimps you need to get wood for a fire.

You can move on when you've cooked shrimps. Equip your tinderbox to be able to light a fire. Click 'cook shrimps' at the city menu."

Tutorial 7Edit


Combat "You are probably eager to fight, however we will not allow you to fight on the tutorial island since you could die and lose all your items. You could start fighting in Syrnia right away after completing this tutorial. If you want to fight in Syrnia remember these things: Be prepared: Make sure you have cooked food with you to heal yourself. Make sure you have a good set of armour and a weapon (and equip it!). To start fighting go to Valera and fight the Rats at the training grounds. Deposit your valuables in your House so you cannot lose them.

You can not fight other players on the main islands, you can only fight them in 'The Outlands', which is a huge PvP island.

Go to next tutorial by clicking on the map at the top right."

Tutorial 8Edit


Using the manual

"This is the second-last location, this tutorial has come to an end. If you want to learn more about specific game skills check the manual, there's a link to the manual at the bottom of the page, next to the chat bar.

We hope this tutorial was usefull and saves you a lot of time exploring Syrnia on your own. You are now not just <playername>, you are a Syrnian

Go to the last tutorial by clicking on the map at the top right.

Tutorial 9Edit


Join the world

"You are ready to join the world of Syrnia. Read the game manuals for more information, and use the help chat to ask for help.

It's now up to you to decide what you will be doing with your Syrnian live! Want to become a pirate and send pirates to Kill other Syrnians? Want to kill other players in the Outlands? Want to become an famous trader with your own shop on every island? Want to become the best in 1 or more skills ? Want to provoke with your rare artifacts ? Want to spend nights getting drunk at the Elven casino ? Want to meet new friends ?

In Syrnia you can be anything you want to be, your imagination is your only limit as long as you make sure to follow the rules.

Click here to go to Sanfew, where Syrnia actually begins!"

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