Valera's city menu and minimap locations
House and Shops available
Have autoattacks No
PvP Off
Faction Syrnia
Skills Thieving
Remer's route 2: Sanfew -> Lisim -> Valera -> Isri -> Eully -> Harith -> Port Senyn -away from island
Remer's route 3: Sanfew -> Lisim -> Valera -> Endarx -> Rile
West Endarx 52 speed XP
East: Isri 40 speed XP
South Lisim 42 speed XP

Syrnia's descriptionEdit

Welcome to Valera!

This is the town where you can train your fight skills, and visit the stables. The training ground is very popular, because this is the only way to prove yourself as a great fighter! The stables are very famous, and are the best stables of Syrnia! Have fun in Valera!.

Things you should know: Edit

  • This is the only place when players can start combat training after finishing the Tutorial Island.
  • Rats can be attacked only until combat level 10.


Mule StablesEdit

  • Buy a Mule for 100 gold coins

Training GroundsEdit

(Valera training grounds)

Visit Derek FriddikEdit

Fallen Knight(on training grounds)Edit

Here you can start his quests on next order:

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