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Friddik quest letter


Woodcutting is not profitable skill. Wood sells for roughly 2 - 3 Gold, and seeds have a slightly more. The following information can be useful for anyone interested or currently involved in the skill.

What Axe should I use?Edit

In Syrnia, there are 11 kinds of hatchets you can use, each requiring a certain level of woodcutting before you can use it.

Hatchet Level to use
Bronze 1
Ogre 1
Iron 10
Lizard machete 20
Steel 25
Elven 35
Silver 40
Gold 55
Platina 70
Syriet 85

There is also Elven hatchet which is very rare and expensive(60k gp)

Where to woodcut and how much EXP? Here to woodcut and here to EXP:Edit

Location Level Required EXP
Isri 1 15
Webbed Forest 1 15
OL 21 or OL 89 * 1 15
Bonewood 1 15
Jungles Edge 1 15
Lemo Woods 15 22
Silk Woods 15 22
Unera 25 30
Penteza Forest 40 50
Avinin 40 50
Aloria 55 85

You can also find locked and unlocked items while woodcutting, like Small chests and Locked small chests. You can also collect an assortment of seeds from trees. These seeds are randomised based on your location.